Welcome to Colwyn Borough

Due to the progression of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Colwyn Borough has declared a state of emergency in adherence to county, state and federal government recommendations. Therefore, the following actions have been taken to protect the public and prevent further spread of the illness.

At this time, our administrative office is closed to the public. However, will be closed to the public until further notice. However, office staff will be available to answer questions and mitigate resident concerns via phone and email. Residents needing to pay police or code violation tickets are encouraged to do so utilizing the drop box outside of Borough Hall.

Essential services will continue to be provided as needed. Public works service calls will be evaluated and prioritized by the Borough Engineer and Borough Manager.

For information on scheduling rental or transfer inspections please contact Commonwealth Code Enforcement by calling (610) 717-6367 or via email  @ Commonwealthscheduler@LIVE.COM.

Permit applications may be dropped off at Borough Hall or submitted via standard mail or email. If emailing a permit application, please be sure to include contractors license and insurance information if applicable. Applications may be emailed to assistant@colwynborough.com.

Borough trash collection will continue as scheduled. Please be reminded that bulk trash pickup is on Thursdays only.

Should you have additional questions or concerns please contact us at 610-461-200 or via email at assistant@colwynborough.com. For questions related to school resources and meal distribution please visit William School District at: www.williampennsd.org or call 610-284-8000. Please check back for regular updates.