Colwyn Borough




Due to the current changes is the cost of curbside recycling collection along with an increase in the cost of waste removal, to lessen the negative budget affect of collecting recyclables curbside without having to increase the collection service fee, curbside recycling collection has been suspended.

Unlike most Delaware County municipalities and due to our lower population, Colwyn Borough is not mandated by the State to collect recyclables curbside. We will continue to offer igloo drop-off at Bossacco Park. The igloo is provided to us by Delaware County and we have requested additional igloos. Should the need arise, the Delaware County Solid Waste Authority has offered to consider us for additional igloos. We are also actively seeking to partner with a paper collection provider to allow for mixed paper & cardboard collection.

Please know that suspending recycling collection was not a decision Council took lightly. After several discussions during the Year 2019 Budget process along with feedback from several citizens, the decision was made to suspend curbside recycling collection rather than raise the trash fee section on our annual Tax Bill.

Additional considerations which would have allowed us to balance the Trash Fund were to collect trash once a week during certain months and/or to increase the amount billed to taxpayers for refuse and recycling collection as many Delco municipalities have this budget year. Council choose not to take those steps and instead have suspended the curbside collection of recyclables.