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Please recycle! The Borough offers both paper and glass/aluminum/bi-metallic/plastic recycling services at the John Bosacco Park located at 101 Pine Street!

In the igloo provided, please place clean glass (green/brown/clear), aluminum, bi-metallic and plastic containers.

The green and yellow dumpsters take all paper, newsprint, junk mail, magazines, books (covers torn off) – just about everything EXCEPT NO CARDBOARD!

Thank you to the community of Colwyn for your recycling efforts.

Effective January 24, 2013:

The Covered Device Recycling Act of 2010 includes desktop computers, laptop computers, computer monitors, computer peripherals and televisions.  On January 24, 2013, thet Landfill Disposal Ban goes into effect.  How does this affect you?

  1. Residents are not permitted to dispose of these items in their weekly trash pick-up.
  2. Residents should look for ways to dispose of their covered devises in one of the following manners:  (1) Retailers that sell these products are not permitted to collect a fee for disposal; (2) E-waste programs offered by Delaware County in conjunction with Hazardous Waste Collection Events; (3) Local business or municipalities offering disposal days
  3. Trash haulers may not intentionally accept these devices.  Be advised that these haulers can leave the devices curbside and the resident would be responsible for any code violations and disposal.