Colwyn Borough

Stormwater Management

According to the State Department of Environmental Protection, STORMWATER ONLY may enter the storm water system.   There are many resources available explaining the need for clean water and what you, as a community member, can help Colwyn Borough reduce the flow of non-stormwater into our storm water system.  For example:

  • Pick up your grass and leaves to compost rather than blowing them into the streets to be washed into the storm system.
  • If a spill of a hazardous material occurs – oil, antifreeze, gasoline, etc. –  don’t wash it into the street, clean it up using an absorbant material such as kitty litter.
  • Washing your car?  Take it to a car wash, which has special systems to recycle the water. If you can’t go to a car wash, then wash your vehicle on the lawn with a non-toxic detergent. Your lawn will thank you and you will reduce the chances of detergent getting into the stormwater system.


Listed below are some GREAT tips for Stormwater Management!







Our Borough has an Illicit Discharge Ordinance that prohibits dumping into the Borough’s Storm Sewer System. Report any dumping to the Borough immediately at 610-461-2000.