Borough of Colwyn Borough of Colwyn

Ordinances and Codes


Borough Code Book

The Borough Code book is now available on-line! Check it out at If you have any questions, please contact the office at 610-461-2000.


Permits are required by the Borough for, but are not limited to the following: Building Construction, Remodeling, Erecting Fences, Wood and Coal Burning Stoves, Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, Peddling, Eating and Drinking Establishments, Street Excavations, Laundries, Demolition, Driveways, Occupancy for Business Establishments, Use and Occupancy for single and multiple Family Dwellings. These permits are available at the Borough Office. A fee schedule is available at the Borough Office.


Regulations pertaining to subdivision and zoning are contained in Borough Ordinance, copies of which are available for examination of purchase at the Borough Office


A building code has been adopted for the purpose of establishing rules and regulations for the construction, alteration, removal and use of buildings and structures. The Code Officer receives applications, issues permits and makes inspections as required to enforce the provisions of the building code. Residents who plan to install walls, walkways, light posts, etc., or regrade, plant shrubs or trees in close proximity to any street within the Borough, should verify with the Building Inspector and required setback which may be necessary to maintain proper right of way width along the street on which they reside. Accessory structures, including fences, also have guidelines as to proper placement in rear yards or placement near property of lot lines. All fencing and accessory structures (such as garden or tool sheds, patios, and garages) require building permits.

Any owner planning to sell his property that contains a building(s) that are used for human occupancy, must apply to the Code Officer for an inspection of the dwelling so that any violation under the Borough Code can be corrected in order to for Use & Occupancy Permit to be issued prior to final settlement.

**Any owner of a multiple family dwelling (apts., grooming houses, etc.) must apply for a Use & Occupancy Permit after each vacancy occurs and before each new occupancy.


All installations of construction of electric by any per-son including licensed electricians shall conform to the requirements as outlined in the Borough Building Code and as defined in the National Electrical Code and as approved by the Underwriter.