Colwyn Borough


Does the Borough of Colwyn offer use of Borough Hall?
Not at the present time. 

Can a resident request the use of Bosacco Park for an event?
Yes, applications for using Bosacco Park for events can be picked up during regular business hours. Use of the park is limited from April through August, 4 hours max.

Does the Borough recycle?
Yes!  Please place your recyclables outside for pick up by 6:00 AM every other Wednesday.  Items can all be placed in one trash  container – glass, plastic, aluminum, paper, cardboard.   


We also still are using our recycling area  found at John Bosacco Park located at 101 Pine Street. At the present time, all aluminum, plastic, metal and glass is collected in the igloo provided.  

Are permits required for sidewalk replacement, roofs, decks, construction?
The Borough code officials will help you determine if permits are required. Generally speaking, any digging on your property (replacing sidewalks, repair of sewer lines), roof replacement or major work will require a permit.