Borough of Colwyn Borough of Colwyn

 Colwyn Borough is in the process of applying for ACT 47 – Financially  Distressed Municipality

To learn more about what this will mean for Colwyn, please read the Emergency Action Plan that was adopted by Council.  This plan was approved by Council to take effect immediately.   Colwyn Borough is approximately 1.5 million dollars in debt due to several bills that were not paid over the last six (6) years.  Taxes have been raised to the maximum and cannot be raised any more.  The Emergency Action Plan calls for all unnecessary spending to cease.  Actually, unnecessary spending came to a halt when the new administration took over in January of 2014.    Evaluations of equipment, employees, finances etc., are taking place immediately.  To read the full Emergency Action Plan, please see the link below.


Council Committee Meeting – February 6, 2014

Colwyn Borough Council held their informal Council Committee Workshop Session on Thursday February 6, 2014 at 7:30 PM.   All Committees were present:

Public Safety Committee (Police); Municipal Services Committee (Highway and Streets); Finance and Ordinance Committee; Parks and Recreation Committee.

Each Chairman gave a brief report of what has been happening in the last month.  The public was invited to speak and add their concerns, questions and comments during each committee report.  The council and mayor were also invited to submit their comments and questions.  The chairmen of each committee will then report back to the next regular scheduled council meeting on Thrusday February 13, 2014 at 7:00 PM – the discussions of each committee report during this meeting.

Listed below are the committee reports:


Colwyn Borough Public Safety Committee Report 2-6-14

Colwyn Borough Finance and Ordinance Committee

Colwyn Borough Municipal Services Committee Report 2-6-14

Colwyn Borough Parks and Recreation Committee Report 2-6-14